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At AIMMS, we embrace a purpose-driven and self-organized work culture. Guided by our four core values, The AIMMS Way is built on a foundation that combines freedom with responsibility, inviting AIMMSians to work towards achieving goals, to take ownership and to be transparent on accountabilities.


We live and grow by the importance of open and honest feedback holding ourselves and each other accountable.


We deeply care about our customers, user community, AIMMSians and AIMMS, balancing the interests of each.


We actively seek for opportunities to work together, value differences and  work across teams.


We are driven to grow our impact. Small steps count, a continuous cycle of experimenting, learning and adapting.

The core elements of our purpose

✨ Why do we do it?

Advance trade-off decision making to move towards a more sustainable world.

✨ How do we do it?

Building a connected community and inspiring confidence in every step of the user journey.

✨ What do we do?

Providing empowering technology using the power of mathematical optimization.

A CAREER WITH IMPACT AIMMSians take the floor to share what it's like to work at AIMMS.


It all started with seeing a large untapped potential for the use of mathematical optimization in 1989. Ever since, many aspects of people’s daily lives are touched by AIMMS; from electricity delivered to our homes, distribution of vaccines, to emission-reduction policymaking. AIMMS is a product-led SaaS company that helps accelerate the adoption of mathematical optimization by making it easy to take robust and high-quality decisions through technology. Our dedicated team works self-organized and hybrid around the globe. We enjoy a culture of open dialogue, trust, talent development and a deep ambition to serve our customers.