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Advance the future of decision making

AIMMS touches many aspects of people’s daily lives through the power of mathematical optimization. We’re on a mission to grow the sustainable impact our technology has on the future of decision making.

💙 We build and sell a low code platform and intuitive supply chain apps since 1989 💚 75+ AIMMSians from over 20 different nationalities

💛 The way we work together is purpose-driven and self-organized

🤍 A connected workplace culture striving for personal and business success with offices in EMEA, NA & APAC

Although we don't have any open positions at the moment, one of our customers is seeking an Operations Research Specialist! For a position at AIMMS you can still send us an open application for future opportunities.

Open positions

On-site, Hybrid
  • Haarlem, Netherlands
Open Application
  • Haarlem, Netherlands

How we hire

🙌 Application

Did you find a role that you’re interested in? Great, then it’s time to shine and apply! One of our recruiters will review your application to see if you meet all basic and some preferred qualifications listed on the job description.

👋 Conversation

If you meet the qualifications and are selected to move forward, you’ll be contacted to schedule a call to learn more about you and ask some basic questions.

🤝 Interviews & Culture fit

In this phase we really want to dive deeper to get to know you. A series of interviews will give you the opportunity to meet with future team members, learn more about the role and our company.

✍️ Decision

In the final stage, the hiring team will assess your potential to succeed in the job and we will ask you to reflect on your impression as well. If you like what you saw and we like what we heard, we’ll officially invite you to join AIMMS!

A CAREER WITH IMPACT AIMMSians take the floor to share what it's like to work at AIMMS.


It all started with seeing a large untapped potential for the use of mathematical optimization in 1989. Ever since, many aspects of people’s daily lives are touched by AIMMS; from electricity delivered to our homes, distribution of vaccines, to emission-reduction policymaking. AIMMS is a product-led SaaS company that helps accelerate the adoption of mathematical optimization by making it easy to take robust and high-quality decisions through technology. Our dedicated team works self-organized and hybrid around the globe. We enjoy a culture of open dialogue, trust, talent development and a deep ambition to serve our customers.